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We only work with HRV practitioners with independent practices who have been trained to use HRV testing and recommend MuDr. Kucera's diet supplement protocols by an authorised teacher.

We work with over 100 U.K based HRV practitioners and many others Internationally.

  • HRV practitioners do not diagnose, or claim to treat, any medical conditions.

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing does not diagnose any medical conditions.

  • MuDr. Kucera's unique diet supplements do not treat any medical conditions.

  • HRV practitioners do not recommend additional diet, or nutritional supplements. Only the authentic diet supplements, researched for 15 years by Prof. R. Baevsky, Prof. A. Berseneva, and MuDr. Michael Kucera, the originators and copyright owners of the formulas, will be recommended to support your programme. The authentic formulas are only produced in Prague, Czech Republic, by Biomedica, and distributed exclusively in the U.K by Sheri Dixon's practice Mitochondrial Therapy® Ltd.

You are responsible for contacting your medical doctor, or other suitably qualified and experienced healthcare professional, about any health concerns.

HRV practitioners referred by Sheri Dixon's practice Mitochondrial Therapy® have agreed to respect widely accepted codes of ethics and practice, and to ensure that other areas of work they may be qualified to offer in their individual practices remain separate.

Please email including your country, post code, and relevant information about your health goal, for the most appropriate HRV practitioner referral.