HRV Practitioner Training

Sheri Dixon offers International seminars and presentations, practice development and support, team building, sports enhancement, and bespoke diet design.

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Online Seminar

To introduce heart rate variability (HRV) test evaluation, and the application of Dr. Kucera’s unique mitochondrial diet supplement protocols, to UK & International health and sports practitioners who wish to add these protocols to their professional practices, or those wishing to set up a new practice.


Class 1 – Introduction & Background

Class 2 – Your Auto Pilot

Class 3 – HRV Reading Evaluation 

Class 4 – MuDr. Kucera’s Unique Supplements

Class 5 – Case Studies & FAQ’s

Mitochondrial Therapy® 2020 Training Seminar dates:

Monthly Online – Introduction to HRV & Dr. Kucera’s unique mitochondrial diet supplement protocols

22nd February 2020 Intermediate Seminar

17th October 2020 Intermediate Seminar

MuDr. Kucera’s Advanced Seminar 2020 dates tba

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Instructor Bio – Sheri Dixon CNHC mBANT FNTP

Sheri Dixon is a registered nutritional therapy consultant with over twenty years of experience in practice.

She has taught nutritional courses to health and sports professionals, based on individual biochemistry, since 2001.

Sheri is a freelance writer and speaker, and has given talks for British Airways, and the British Football Association. She was a featured nutrition expert in the global Corporate Live Wire Expert Medical Guide in 2015. LiveWire Medical provides senior executives, and professionals with insights on new, cutting-edge developments in a range of different areas in the health sector.

Prior to qualifying in nutrition, Sheri enjoyed over twenty years working as cabin crew. This personal aviation experience has given her first-hand insight into the known health risks associated with accumulative exposure to cosmic radiation.

Sheri created her practice – Mitochondrial Therapy® in 2010, innovated by MuDr. Kucera who is known for his work and research in the fields of Mitochondrial Medicine and Anti-Ageing.

Sheri’s bestselling book, ‘The Fast Way to Slow Down Ageing’ introduces the cutting-edge field of MuDr. Kucera’s work and anti-ageing. It is written in an accessible format and will inspire anyone who wishes to take back control of their health, and slow down the processes of ageing.

MuDr. Kucera owns the copyright to his unique diet supplements. Mitochondrial Therapy® is the exclusive UK distributor, and Mitochondrial Wellnes® is the exclusive USA distributor.