Audio & Video

Our Practitioners have recorded a number of explanations, tutorials and presentations, which we have provided below to aid you in your knowledge of Mitochondrial Therapy and HRV testing.

Video Files

An Introduction to Mitochondrial Therapy

Sheri Dixon introduces you to the exciting world of mitochondrial therapy. In this short video she explains what mitochondrial therapy is, and what it can do for you.

Introducing a HRV test

This video shows a live HRV test with one of our practitioners. Taking just 5 minutes, this non-invasive test will indicate how your ANS is currently functioning, your stress index, your capacity to burn fat which is required for effective weight loss, your energy levels, the efficiency of your hormonal and immune systems, the ability to adapt to stress of any origin and the ability to regenerate and repair.

The Way Energy is Made – Mighty Mitochondria in Action!

Presented by the Students of Center for Digital Arts, Boston University